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About Combined Energy Systems, Inc.

We at Combined Energy Systems, Inc. (CES) specialize in the designing, building, and maintaining of indoor swimming pool and spa facilities. Combined Energy Systems, Inc. was incorporated in 1980 following a related construction and design business that was started in the 1970's. The company was initially engaged in HVAC contracting and the installation of alternative heating and cooling systems (solar and geothermal). We also designed and constructed many energy efficient homes, some of which included indoor swimming pools.

While constructing our earlier pool rooms, we installed many different types and brands of ventilating, heating, and dehumidification systems. We also experimented with different insulations, vapor barriers, interior finishes, paints, and other materials to see what worked best in a pool room environment. Through trial and error, it became apparent what worked and what did not.

Over the years we have had the opportunity to construct and maintain many types of natatoriums for residential clients as well as providing for the special needs of hospitals, schools, and private clubs. Some projects contain large lap pools with kitchens, steam rooms, and saunas, while others may have space or budget constraints that require smaller pools with perhaps a swim machine for exercise. Free standing greenhouse style rooms, additions that architecturally blend in to an existing structure, and even pools in the basement have all been constructed by CES.

Today, our experienced staff can provide the special design, technical, and construction skills that are needed when constructing a Natatorium. We also offer complete maintenance and service programs for your pool, spa, and equipment. Our company primarily serves the New England area. In 1994, however, we constructed a sports facility and natatorium with a gunite lap pool in Moscow, Russia.

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